Sunday, January 28, 2018
Warren Allmand peace prize awarded to IofC’s Laurent Gagnon

Quebec City,  October 29, 2017—At a conference here  on Living together, organized by the Union des Africains du Québec et amis solidaires de l'Afrique (UAQASA), the Warren Allmand prize for peace, inclusion and Living together was awarded to IofC’s Laurent Gagnon in recognition of his wide-ranging commitment as a full-time citizen over the last 45 years. His nomination was initiated and submitted by three colleagues: Marie Émilie Lacroix, Lucie Pagé and Joseph Vumiliya.

Three panelists, including Marie Émilie Lacroix of IofC, addressed employment for immigrant women, emphasizing the importance of living together. It is noteworthy that there is a difference between welcoming and integrating the immigrants, and there is much more still to be done.

Warren Allmand, as Solicitor General, submitted and defended a draft bill in parliament to abolish capital punishment in Canada. Also, he was president of the federal organization Rights and  Democracy (1997-2002). He died in December 2016 in Montreal.

Before closing the conference, Mr. Ali Dahan, President and Founder of UAQASA gave an overview of Laurent Gagnon’s accomplishments. Ms. Rose Nolan Allmand, came from Montreal, specially to hand him a commemorative plaque which he accepted with great emotion. On his behalf, Lise Gagnon thanked everyone. Among the 50 or so participants, were many members of IofC and partners organizations.

Lucie Pagé, Quebec City