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Engage, support and join our global network of people with a drive and commitment to bringing change – starting with themselves.

Provincial Connections

Find out what initiatives are happening provincially and connect with other IofC members in your province. We have initiatives that overlap provinces and that are more province specific. Get in touch to know more!

Volunteer Positions

We have a variety of volunteer positions to help us excel at IofC Canada! We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us share the movement. 


Working for IofC leads to rewarding connections and growth. We are always looking for new people who bring diversity and leadership to our movement. Apply to work for us today.

Caux 2023 Leadership Forum
Caux Forum

This program is an opportunity for young people to experience the full richness of the Caux conference centre: to contribute their service to the conferences, learn about world issues, trust building and make connections, and through the training program to engage with the needs of the world, developing a deeper sense of where they can contribute.