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Global Indigenous Dialogue

Global Indigenous Dialogue (GID), a new project of Initiatives of Change Canada is chaired by Lewis Cardinal, a Woodland Cree from the Sucker Creek Cree First Nation in Northern Alberta. Lewis is a leader in the fields of communications and is Project Manager for “kihciy askiy - Sacred Land” in Edmonton.

Today more than ever, the world is faced with an increased urgency to live in right relations and peace with each other and Mother Earth. Indigenous wisdom and knowledge, as shared through story and ceremony, continue to show us that there are ways in which we can achieve balance, harmony, and reconciliation

"Wounds of the Past"

By Rainbow Cardinal


2023 Caux Forum – Healing Wounds of the Past
July 17th - 22nd 2023
Caux, Switzerland

This was the first time after the Pandemic that the Caux Forum welcomed delegates to two sessions at the Initiatives of Change Conference Centre at Caux, Switzerland. More than 500 people attended.



Healing Wounds of the Past

"I always thought reconciliation is a global thing. But reconciliation can also be a communal thing. Just sitting together and appreciating the other can be reconciliation. I go back home from Caux with a lot of hope."

Hinauri Nehua-Jackson