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Circles on indigenous Worldviews

Creating Opportunities for Truth and Reconciliation

Photo credit: Joy Newman

Circles on Indigenous Worldviews is based on a conviction that trust can be built if we acknowledge the truth of history, recognize prejudices, and make the changes necessary, in our own lives that can have a ripple affect to those around us.


Initiatives of Change (IofC) has had a long history of working together with Indigenous people towards healing and relationships between the different peoples of Canada. Systemic racism exists in Canadian institutions and we know that prejudices can be passed from one generation to another. We are often reminded that trust and reconciliation cannot come without justice.


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As a contribution to the learnings and understandings between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, Initiatives of Change Canada is inviting you to a series of online dialogues in order to discover Canada from the time of the arrival of the Settlers to today. We will learn from Indigenous people involved in a variety of worldviews. Please join us as we learn together.