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Young Generation Dialogue Session - Social Media


Social media is everywhere, we benefit from it in many ways, notably the openness to the world, access to information, staying in touch and reconnecting with distant friends. However, we also suffer the consequences, including security and privacy, false information, spending less time with those we love etc. 

The Young Generation Dialogue group first discussed some definitions and history of social media’s timeline, followed by usage statistics and differences between countries. For example, the trending socials in some countries aren’t as popular in others which was interesting to think about, like WhatsApp. WhatsApp is used everywhere in other countries to connect, even for businesses, where in Canada it’s considered a less common social media. A futuristic video was then shared about future technology that lets you control your social media choices by eyesight, a glimpse of what advancements are to come. It was a thought-provoking video that made us think about what could arise from evolving social networks and technological advancements. Everyone had a chance to share their socials of choice, why they use them and their unique user experience. Benefits of using social media were similar throughout each one’s experience; connecting with others, staying up to date on news and events, using it for entertainment, education, exposure and more. Challenges and considerations were unique per individual; distraction, comparison with others, information overwhelm, wasting time etc. but it was clear that we all shared common challenges at some point in time with our social media journeys. 

Hearing everyone’s experience with social media was a great way to reflect on one’s own usage habits and is something the younger generation can definitely connect over because it’s our main form of communication. The group's conclusion was that it’s important to filter and choose carefully the content which you are absorbing and set boundaries with your time to avoid its negative effect. Overall, social media has great benefits for connecting with others, entertainment, for education and business opportunities and will continue to be a major way of communicating with younger generations.