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Peace Days 2021


As part of the 2021 Peace Days, Initiatives of Change collaborated in three activities with the Network for Peace and Social Harmony and the Collectif 21 Septembre. Several people attended each of these three events.

Peace Days 2021

On September 21 at noon Marie Emilie Lacroix and Joseph Vumiliya, representing Initiatives of Change, attended the virtual celebration of the International Day of Peace organized by the City of Montreal and the Network for Peace and Social Harmony.

During this event Marie Émilie Lacroix described the Initiatives of Change's experience of trustbuilding between people from different communities and she gave a presentation at the end of the event which was greatly appreciated by the participants.

In the afternoon Initiatives of Change and the members of the Collectif 21 Septembre met at the exit of the Laurier metro station for the “Porteur de parole” activity. Several passers-by answered questions and shared their thoughts on the theme of “Equity and Me”. A gathering was also organized at the Friendship House in the evening to celebrate the International Peace Day.

On September 26, IofC organized a Blanket Exercise at the Dominicans of Saint Albert in Montreal to sensitize the non-indigenous people about the history of dispossession experienced by indigenous people.