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Pow-Wow in Odanak


Last Sunday, July 23, I had the pleasure of attending the traditional Pow-Wow Indigenous event in Odanak, Quebec.

I would like to thank Nicole O'Bomsawin of the Abenakis Nation of Odanak for inviting me to this annual event where Indigenous people generously share their value, knowhow, and spirituality, accompanied by traditional songs and sacred drums. For several years, I have been attending the Kahnawake and Kanesatake Pow-wows, I am delighted to have attended the Odanak Pow-wow for the first time. It was a deep and inspiring experience for me. Nicole, who invited me to this experience, has been a friend and an active collaborator of Initiatives of Change Quebec for many years. She was part of the Quebec delegation that went to Caux in Switzerland in 2016.    

Joseph Vumiliya   

Joseph Vumiliya and Nicole O'Bomsawin