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Intercultural and Interfaith Gatherings Update

Intercultural and Interfaith Gatherings Update

For many years, IofC Quebec has provided space and opportunities for dialogue to promote values of openness, respect and to break down prejudices between people of different cultures and beliefs in order to live together in harmony. We organize several activities every year in Montreal and Quebec City, sometimes with other partner organizations and networks. Gatherings around IofC films such as “Beyond Forgiveness” and “The Imam and Pastor” are always appreciated as powerful tools for creating good relationships and building trust among people and communities. It is with this spirit that IofC and the organization Development and Peace jointly created “Intercultural Bridge” in Quebec City in 2015 to promote values of respect and openness and to break the isolation between people of different cultures and beliefs.

Several events were organized particularly after the attack of the great Mosque in Quebec City on January 29, 2017. This tragedy has revealed the existence of social and racial tensions and discrimination experienced by some people and communities in Quebec. These events that IofC offers contribute to building an inclusive society, to counter fear and to defeat prejudice.

Joseph Vumiliya